We are back with another epic ride! this time, Melbourne to Mt Donna Buang and return.

Starting early with a departure from Melbourne's luna park at 5:30 am, riding through Dandenong National Park and onto Mt Donna Buang, and then returning to Femtree Gully to catch a train back into the city, avoiding vehicle traffic.


We made three stops, two quick stops to refill our bidons, and one for coffee and snacks. Altogether, not more than forty minutes was taken for our breaks.

the total distance ridden was 175 kilometres at an average speed of 25km/hr with an elevation gain of 3300 metres, spending seven hours in the saddle.

The early start was to avoid road traffic, otherwise the ride could be quite tedious.

pace yourself, stay hydrated and eat when needed. Ready yourself for the sixteen kilometre, 6.5% climb up Mt Donna Buang, it comes after three and half  hours in the saddle and 2000 metres of elevation gain.

The Warburton to cement Creek section has mostly a 7% gradient with a couple of steeper sections at up to 10%. At about two kilometres you will ride past the O'shannassy aqueduct trail crossing. At about 7.4 kilometres you will arrive at cement creek, take the left hairpin for the remainder of the ride, otherwise you will find yourself on the unsealed Acheron way to Marysville (a Beautiful ride for a XC bike, perhaps even a road bike, if you want).


As you ascend the mountain you will get some great views of the Yarra valley below, with vantage points at about ten and twelve kilometres. At fourteen kilometres you will arrive at the old entrance gate and office where park visitors would be charged an entrance fee during the ski season.

at the summit you have learnt yourself a rest and a toilet break, but keep in mind that here there is no water available.