Linking the goldfields cities of Ballarat and Bendigo, in the state of Victoria, Australia, is the amazing Goldfields track.

its 210 kilometres, with 3700 metres of elevation gain, runs through diverse landscapes arid plains, temperate forests, ponds and rivers, travelling through or close to some of the heritage, goldfields town of Victoria.

Ride it in two or three days, one if you dare! 


We decided to ride the track over two days with an overnight camp at the historic village of Vaughan (pop. not many), on the confluence of fryer's creek and Victoria's second longest river, the Loddon. the stop afforded an opportunity to see the river, the swimming hole, its mineral water springs, historic mining relics and the giant slide.

Our XC bikes were perfect for the track, with its gravel surface, and in places, complicated and tricky sections.

 We recommend a two days ride with an overnight camp at Vaughan with refreshment stops in Daylesford and Castlemaine.